Castles, palaces, old manors – almost all of them are architectural monuments, and maybe that’s why they cause some kind of reverent attitude. Huge crowds of tourists visit them every year to see these ancient buildings. We will tell you about the most famous and visited castles and palaces in Europe. The fate of each has its own history, and each of them deserves special attention. Medieval architecture in the modern world has its own magical charm.

The Burg ELTZ Castle, Germany

Situated in Germany, in the place that is known for Ireland-Palatinate (ger. Rheinland-Pfalz). In the whole history of its reality, the castle has never been exposed to seizures and assaults. Maybe this is the main such office in the Eifel. The castle additionally figured oXVIIw to endure the war of the XVII and XVII hundreds of years, influencing numerous German castles.

The exceptional appeal of the castle is the unordinary format of the structure: eight high private towers with steeply pitched rooftops and many topped turrets, Yves rubble stone so firmly adhered to each other that from the outset it is hard to recognize where one structure closes and another starts. In five centuries, the structure highlights Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque engineering has procured amicable solidarity. And this isn’t a result of the creative mind, misleadingly conceived in a sentimental drive, as the fantasy Neuschwanstein Castle, and the living creation stories, the genealogical home, changed as per the necessities of the checks’ von ELTZ. All things considered, the historical backdrop of engineering in ELTZ castle is firmly interwoven with family ancestry.

Simply note that some conspicuous job in German history ELTZ castle didn’t play, yet is completely protected in its unique structure and is viewed as one of the most wonderful medieval castles of Germany. For a long time, they own agents of a similar respectable family. As of now in the 33rd age! What’s more, this is the situation for Germany as well as for Europe, you will concur, are uncommon. The present proprietor of the castle Dr. Karl Graf und Edler Herr von und zu Eltz-Kempenich genannt Faust von Stromberg – Dr. Karl Graf von and zu ELTZ-invites its visitors into called Faust von Stromberg.

Neuschwanstein, Bavaria, Germany

We present to your attention one of the most beautiful chateaux in the world – Neuschwanstein Castle, which means “New Swan Stone” in German. It was built in Neo-Romanesque style. This year it has a round date, exactly 150 years ago in Bavaria the first stone of this a fabulous royal residence, commissioned by the Bavarian King Ludwig ||. The monarch wanted to build a palace in which he could enjoy the loneliness to which he was subject, and indulge in dreams. He was also called a fabulous king because he often represented himself in the form of the mythical Swan Knight  Lohengrin. According to legend, this glorious knight was supposed to save the maiden, he sailed to her on the lake in a boat which swans are pulling.

The plot of this legend formed the basis of the famous opera “Lohengrin” by Richard Wagner.  And the great Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky wrote his famous ballet “Swan Lake” inspired after visiting this castle.

But perhaps the most significant “title” is that it became the prototype for the Sleeping Beauty castle from the popular Disney cartoon.

The creators of Disneyland were so inspired by the Bavarian castle of Neuschwanstein that they made it the hallmark of this huge attraction city.

Surprisingly, castles have some of their own, special and bewitching beauty.  Such a concentrate

of magical power and miracles.

Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France

ОнIt is located in the north of France in Normandy, on the small rocky island of Mont Saint-Michel, which is translated from French as “Mount Saint Michael”.  In the VIII century, a city was founded there, where only a few dozen residents now live.

️Initially, the island was called creepy – Grave Mountain.  But in 708, Archangel Michael appeared to Saint Ober, Bishop of Avranches, and commissioned him to build a church on a rock.  From the first time, Aubert did not understand.  And only after the archangel Michael either tapped his head with his finger or burned his cassock with a sword, did it go.

As a result, the church turned into a 55,000 m² Abbey and became a pilgrimage center in Europe! Over its centuries-old history, Saint-Michel managed to survive the heyday and decline, fire, the Hundred Years War and was constantly being completed. For example, the magnificent central building in the style of flaming Gothic, thanks to which the island acquired such a fabulous silhouette, was completed only in 1520. About 3.5 million people visit the island every year.

Alcazar fortress in Segovia, Spain.

What incredible mysteries are fraught with castles and how many amazing stories can be told about each of them. True stories! Such as the story of snow white and the seven dwarfs. Do you think it’s just a fairy tale? Not quite…

In Germany found the gravestone of Snow white. The tombstone is now located in the Museum District of the Church of Bamberg.

“Real” Snow-white has left this world in 1796. At the University of würzburg is an official witness of her death.

Found that the girl who was the prototype of Snow-white was called Mary Sophia von Erthal. Her father married when she was 18 years old. And the stepmother did not like her stepdaughter, Maria had to leave his father’s house.

Even the existence of “magic mirrors”, which looked the stepmother in the fairy tale, confirmed! It was made in 1720 and is now kept Museum Spessart with its electoral residence. Unfortunately, the mechanism that allows the mirror “verb” is not subject to restoration.

Let’s find out what castle was the inspiration of an evil stepmother, loved by millions of viewers of the Disney film? Compare for yourself – before you the alcázar of Segovia, Spain.

Amazingly, this castle is the most romantic and popular in Spain. Amazing game it was built by the Moors as a fortress and later served as a Royal residence, and now it is a Museum. This is the Alcazar, built-in Hispano-Moorish style, the oldest of his buildings a little less than 1000 years. But not only the castle of the Evil Queen has its real prototype.

Chambord castle in France.

Enchanting château de Chambord has constantly been and continues to be one of the most gorgeous and enchanting of the castles of the Loire valley, as a payment to its building made by Louis XIV himself– known to the aficionado and also the author of the magnificent Royal residence of Versailles. The design of Chambord influenced all the grandeur and also the luxury of the Renaissance.

In the North-Western wing of the castle church is the largest room in Chambord.

Currently, 500 years Chambord shocks everyone who sees it, a harmonic mix of Italian and French Renaissance.

Having transformed countless proprietors, the castle came under penalizing sword of the Change, when he was almost destroyed; in 1793 all its stunning furnishings was eliminated. The castle’s place has been vital, has not improved during the time of Napoleon, when it passed into the hands of Marshal Berthier. During the power of the Battle each other de Bordeaux.

Up until they constructed the Versailles, Chambord castle was thought about the most lovely palatial frameworks of France. And if the natural beauty of the interiors can only guess the design gradually, not become worse. Luxuriant staircases, fireplaces, columns, towers it looks today no less luxurious than 500 years ago.

Today the previous searching residence of the French leaders is open to public accessibility. Chambord is among the most gorgeous castles of the Loire. The woodland, where kings hunted, now has the status of the refuge and also it feels terrific ROE deer, wild boars, deer, birds. According to Wikipedia, a forested location inhabits an area of 5440 hectares. To check out, there are 14% of the region.

All the spaces of the castle are open to visitors. Intriguing inside, furniture, pictures, tapestries, household products.

The Castle Of Chenonceau.

The estate of Chenonceau, or the château de Chenonceau (in the original Estate de Chenonceau) situated South of the eponymous French town. It is rightly recognized as one of the most effective as well as most well-known in the Loire valley. The primary jewel of the estate is the medieval castle of Chenonceau. The architecture felt a mixture of late Gothic and very early Renaissance.

Today Chenonceau or as it is called “Ladies castle” is completely recovered and open to the public. Before showing up in Chenonceaux, provides a special sight with an elegant alley of flowers, and around which there are ancient trees. Stam roses and also yards cut reduced rounded bushes of lavender to highlight the harmonious photo of the garden. The Royal residence is a Museum of wax figures, the characters of which are the previously mentioned women of the leader. This is one of the most gone to places in France.

Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Old Edinburgh castle (Edinburgh Castle) is one of the most visited tourist attractions on the planet. It exists for more than 9 centuries and also saw a lengthy as well as the hard battle for Scottish freedom.

Edinburgh castle– the major castle of Scotland, situated on the top of Castle Hill in the heart of the resources of the old Edinburgh. He controls all the environments because he naturally outgrows the 80-meter hillsides. When it was founded the castle of Edinburgh– and also has continued to be unknown. Its history goes back centuries, back to 600 BC, when the top of Castle Rock, around which later on matured in Edinburgh, there was the citadel of DIN Adin (Hullabaloo Eidyn).

Liechtenstein castle, Austria (XII century).

The Lichtenstein Castle is located South of Vienna, is wonderful-beautiful Vienna woods, near Maria Enzersdorf. It is believed that the castle based on this place was built in the XII century. Numerous times the building was damaged by the Ottomans throughout their wars of occupation in 1529 and also 1683, respectively. Soon before the 2nd war, it was reconstructed about the expanding army power of the Turks, but still, it was unable to withstand the assault of the enemy and also was once more destroyed. The following repair took place only in 1884. The Lichtenstein Castle is included in the list of attractions of Vienna.

Built-in a romantic style and also the reduced areas are carved straight right into the rock, also working as an assistant for him. Following dining establishment (besides a Parking lot), work play areas. The main attraction is the church of St. Pancras, it is thought that it was built by the founder of the dynasty of Lichtenstein 1130-ies. Additionally here You will see the image of Christ’s Crucifixion, carried out in red chalk in the 13th century. Since 2007, the building is once more owned by the family Liechtenstein.

The Hluboka Castle, Czech Republic.

140 km from Prague, in South Bohemia, dominates the most exciting as well as the lovely castle in Europe– Deep nad Vltavou. Being a real white pearl of South Bohemia, the area strikes a wonderful design of insides and also its interesting background and also brings in countless vacationers every year.

The hluboká castle (Zámek Hluboká)– the popular and also the most gone to the neo-Gothic castle in the Czech Republic. He rises above the Vltava on a rock 83 m tall.

When you produce the castle was used by the Renaissance, Gothic as well as Baroque designs; having gone through numerous reconstructions, the building has come to be a visual aid on the background of design as well as obtained its unofficial name– Czech Windsor.

In 1660 Deep acquired the Property and stayed there up until 1939. Today the structure has gotten in 1871, after restoration. The castle was reconstructed under the influence of a journey to England Duchess Eleanor, nee Princess of Liechtenstein, as well as her spouse, Prince Jan Adolf II of Schwarzenberg according to drawings by Viennese architect Franz beer. The castle acquired the form of a Government and also started to resemble Windsor castle.

In 1947, the hluboká castle was nationalized. It is currently a state Gallery.

The Aragonese castle, Italy.

Strange, enigmatic old Aragonese castle has for lots of centuries depends on the island of Ischia is of the volcanic beginning, which belongs to the Republic of Italy and also is part of the Campania region. The Aragonese castle has improved the cone, which was developed by the cooling of volcanic lava appearing of the Tyrrhenian sea.

The castle became one of the cultural facilities of Italy, in which it was transformed by Vittoria Colonna, well-known Poets of the Renaissance.

In our day, distinct in its kind Aragonese castle is a private house.

Nonetheless, the castle is open for trips, which are checked out by several tourists, in this regard, there is a special Lift to lift visitors.

It is worth keeping in mind that presently, the beautiful Aragonese castle is one of the most preferred attractions of the island of Ischia, as it stands on top of the high cliff, clearly visible from away, as well as therefore serves as a sign for vacationers.

Castle-Pena Palace, Portugal.

Pena Palace– or Palacio Pena in Portugal is located in the chain of mountains of Sintra, near the eponymous community. It was built in the 19th century on the ruins of the chapel. Visitors, that went across half the globe as well as seen loads of castles of various styles and also ages, celebrating the originality of this unique historic monolith: it combines several building designs which makes it a distinct, virtually fairy creature, not like any other lock.

The style of the Palace incorporates various styles, that make it look one-of-a-kind as well as impressive: below there are elements of Gothic, Renaissance, Moorish, East, regular of the Portuguese neo-Manueline. Domes and also minarets decorated in Asian design, and the tower in the Gothic. Such eclecticism quality of the duration of romanticism.

Palácio de Monserrate (Sintra, Portugal)


Palácio de Monserrate (Sintra, Portugal)– Royal residence as well as Park complex foothills to the North of Lisbon. He has incredible sights of the Atlantic ocean. The monument of design of XIX century Portuguese eclecticism and landscape style. It deserves a visit (needs to see) when checking out the nation. High-end Suite with neo-Gothic, Moorish, as well as Indian architectural elements. It is located in the green hillsides 4-5 kilometers from the historic facility of the resort community of Sintra. It is a traditional summer home of the Braganza empire. Thanks to a much more pleasurable microclimate than in the funding, etc. The “huge royal residence troika”, which includes Quinta da Regaleira, the National Palace, as well as Montserrat, Sintra ended up being the “vacationer capital” of Portugal.

The Prague Castle (Prazsky Hrad)

 For greater than a thousand years, the Prague Castle (Prazsky Hrad) has been an icon as well as a superior pearl of the Czech Republic. Presently, Prague Castle is just one of the biggest serf facilities in the world, laid back in the 9th century. Every vacationer that has come to the Czech Republic seeks to see the Prague Castle and walk via its region.

The major entry to Prague Castle is found on Hradcany Square/ Hradsanská namesti. It is from this area that it is best to begin your excursion of the City.

Currently, the dominant function of the church is the church canvas with the image of Christ the dimension of complete human height. In the photo, the Chapel of the Cross is a white, rounded structure on one side.

Buckingham Palace, London, UK

Buckingham Palace is the residence of the British monarchs in London.  Today Elizabeth II lives and works there.  Life is in full swing in the palace: receptions and events of national importance are held.  The peace of the royal family is guarded by the guards – their bright red outfits are visible from afar. Usually, a flag flaunts above Buckingham Palace – this means that the queen is in the building.  But at the end of summer, Elizabeth II leaves her home, and Buckingham Palace opens its doors to tourists.  With their own eyes, they can look at the luxury of the royal court.  Gilded ceilings and silk-covered walls, exquisite furniture, antique vases, and elegant candelabra – halls are so magnificent.

Formally, Buckingham Palace is the property of the royal family.  But at the same time, it is considered a tourist attraction and serves as an art gallery.  This is a visiting card of Great Britain. Despite its relatively “young age”, Buckingham Palace in London is considered the most important task of the country.  Indeed, this architectural masterpiece is considered the official residence of all the monarchs of Great Britain.  Despite its significance, a luxurious interior, beautiful gardens, artificial ponds, and shady alleys, Buckingham Palace is not one of the most visited attractions in the country.

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria

Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most delightful elaborate buildings in Europe and has been in the ownership of the Habsburgs since 1569. The spouse of Emperor Ferdinand II, Eleanor von Gonzaga, assembled a palace of joys on this site in 1642, and it was called Schönbrunn. just because. The palace and nursery complex, made in 1696 after the attack of Vienna, was modified under the bearing of Maria Theresa after 1743. Today, because of its recorded noteworthiness, the interesting format, and the sublime environment, the palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the eighteenth century to 1918, Schönbrunn was the living arrangement of the Habsburg rulers. It was structured by the engineers Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and Nicolaus Pacassi and is loaded with extraordinary instances of beautifying craftsmanship. Along with its gardens, the site of the world’s first zoo in 1752, it is a noteworthy Baroque gathering and an ideal case of Gesamtkunstwerk.

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