If you are an avid lover of the middle ages and love movies about beautiful castles (for example, game of thrones), then you should definitely read our article. Many fans of such fantastic movies and TV series want to visit incredible structures, see castles with their own eyes, and feel their fascinating atmosphere.

If you are one of these people, then be sure to check out the list of the world’s most beautiful castles in the world that will definitely impress you with their aesthetics and scale.

Neuschwanstein Castle

If you are in Bavaria (Germany), then be sure to visit one of the most famous castles in the world, because its fabulous view affects more than 1 million tourists every year. Unusual is its history because it was the result of a romantic fantasy of the monarch Ludwig II. It was he who in 1869 commissioned to lower the rock plateau to 8 meters to create a miracle of architecture-made in the medieval style of the knight’s castle Neuschwanstein. A Royal Charter, building plans, a portrait of Ludwig II on porcelain, and one copy of each of the Bavarian coins issued since the accession of this monarch to the throne were immured in the Foundation. The Palace of the fairy king was not built to protect against attacks, but only out of a desire for aesthetics. This can be seen from the location, architecture, and structure. One more point can be added from interesting facts. This castle became the prototype of the Palace in the world-famous Sleeping Beauty.

Eilean Donan Castle

Eileen Donan Castle is one of the most iconic images of Scotland, recognized all over the world. The castle is located on an island in a place where three lakes meet and which is surrounded by majestic landscapes. So, it’s no surprise that Eileen Donan is one of the most important and visited attractions in Scotland. There are many interesting legends about ghosts in this castle. According to one of them, the castle has the Ghost of a dead Spanish soldier who tried to capture this structure in 1719. Some say that at night this Ghost appears and walks around the castle. According to another legend, it is inhabited by the spirit of lady Marie, who once died here.

On the first floor of the castle, you can find a whole exhibition of various works of art, furniture, weapons, porcelain figurines. The Mac Rae family tree is also located here. On the second floor, you can admire the display of captured items of the clan. For example, here you can see a lock of hair of Prince Charlie Edward Stewart. Eileen Donan castle belongs to the most beautiful castle in the world, so you should definitely visit it.

Castle of Lichtenstein

Liechtenstein Castle is located in Germany, in the picturesque town of Honau, municipality of Liechtenstein in Baden. A place with incredibly beautiful nature, medieval towns, and rocks. Honau is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Germany. This castle impresses all tourists with its appearance. On cloudy days, the structure seems to float above the white clouds. On clear and Sunny days, it looks incredibly bulky and majestic. This is what any impregnable medieval castle should look like: a deep and wide moat that ends in a deep abyss, on the other side a rocky cliff that cannot be climbed to the top, a bridge with a draw span and a high tower above all this. The project of the pretty castles was designed by architect Karl Alexander Heideloff. They decided to build a fairy-tale castle in the popular neo-Gothic style of those years and built it for only two years – from 1840 to 1842. Its peculiarity is the fact that it was built on the basis of another ruined castle. This is typical of many medieval palaces, as during uprisings and wars many palaces were broken.

Frederiksborg Castle

If you are planning to visit Denmark, namely the city of Hillard, then be sure to include this incredible place in your list of castles of the world. It is located in Scandinavia and stands on three Islands of lake Slotsso. The castle was made in the Renaissance style. Its garden, interior, all elements look just incredibly extravagant and elegant. They all confirm the greatness of the Danish monarchy. You can also enjoy a visit to the national historical Museum, which is located inside the castle. This is probably one of the most important points when traveling in Denmark. And you must visit it. The magnificent castle was built by Christian IV himself. The castle contains extraordinary pieces of furniture, tapestries, paintings, porcelain, silver, orders, medals, and a huge gallery of portraits of the XVI-XIX centuries. The structure is protected by towers and walls, and it is adjacent to the middle island with an outer courtyard, the Manager’s house, and the Neptune fountain. On the last island is the actual castle of Frederiksborg, whose walls rise directly out of the water. The castle was built entirely of brick and decorated with cornices, pediments, and Sandstone figurative ornaments in the Northern Renaissance style.

Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle is the largest and the most beautiful castle of the ten existing medieval castles in Japan and the only one that has been preserved in its original form. Moreover, this castle is a UNESCO heritage site. If you have the opportunity to go to Japan, then you should visit this incredible place. Construction of the castle began in the 14th century. It got its name due to the elegance of its shape, which resembles a snow-white bird. The castle is located in Himeji, a three-hour train ride from Tokyo. It was spared by wars, fires, and earthquakes. The castle of the White Heron has come down to us in fact in its original form. He starred in the James Bond movie “you only Live twice”, there was a secret ninja school where rocket weapons are being developed. But most striking of all, in 1871, Himeji castle was sold for 23 yen and was to be demolished.

Bellver castle

This the most beautiful castle is not only one of the most fascinating, but also the oldest in Europe. The ancient Gothic castle, one of the towers of which the Spanish flag flutters in the wind, can be seen even from the narrowest streets of Palma de Mallorca. Belver Castle is a must-visit attraction on the island. Its peculiarity is not even that it is an example of classical Gothic architecture of the XIV-XVI centuries, but that its design has a unique circular terrace. When you see the castle, you may think for a moment that you are in Rome and that you are visiting the Colosseum. Construction of the castle began in the XIV century by order of king haume II, who inherited the castle from his father.

Once the castle of Belver was a Royal residence, later turned into a prison for those who disagree with the power of prisoners. Now it is one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Spain. The observation deck offers a truly stunning view of the azure Bay, and on clear days and at dawn, when a light haze has not yet descended on the city, you can see the neighboring Islands of the Mediterranean Sea.

Bran Castle

Bran castle is one of the most impressive castles. It is a tourist attraction in Romania. It is located near Bucharest in the town of bran and 30 km from the city of Brasov. The castle is located on the top of a steep cliff that became its base. The castle was built at the end of the XIV century at their own expense by local residents, for which they were exempt from paying taxes to the state Treasury. The fortress was built to protect the road between Wallachia and Transylvania. In the XX century, the castle has named the residence of count Dracula. Mystical fame and the second name of the fortress brought the novel of the same name by the Irish writer Bram Stoker, published in 1897.

Nido de Golondrina castle

It is likely that no one will dispute the fact that the swallow’s nest is one of the most beautiful castles of the Crimean Peninsula. Even those who have never been to Crimea will recognize it in photos and paintings – this place is so famous! And there is a swallow’s nest in the resort village of Gaspra, on the edge of a steep forty-meter Aurora rock, which is the extreme point of Cape AI-Todor. The castle is made in neo-Gothic style – it looks like a set for a cartoon with wizards and fairy-tale castles. As soon as the Crimean Peninsula was conquered by the Russian Empire, the lands of the southern coast were built up with castles and parks. Rich people actively bought land plots, which were later arranged for summer holidays. Unfortunately, it is not known exactly in honor of whom (or what) this building was built, but it is obvious that only warm feelings could serve as an incentive to create such beauty. Under the Aurora rock, below the water level, there is a network of grottoes up to 10 m deep. The narrow entrance to it is located at a depth of 8 meters, so single dives without an experienced instructor and lanterns are strictly prohibited.

The castle of Pierrefonds

The Ancient most beautiful castle can be called the hallmark of France: there are a lot of them here. And they look different. Time has left its mark on some of them, and there are some that look as if they have just been built. On the edge of the forest of Compiegne, the huge Royal castle of Pierrefonds stands on a high hill. On this site in the XII century was a defensive fortress of the seigneurs de Pierrefonds. The nearby lands gradually joined the Royal property.

The main facade is decorated with a bas-relief depicting the Annunciation. One of the most characteristic features of the castle’s defensive system is the presence of two superimposed passageways at the curtain walls and towers. A gigantic fortress built in the late fourteenth century by Louis of Orleans, brother of Charles VI, the castle of Pierrefonds was besieged and demolished in the early seventeenth century by Louis XIII. For almost two centuries, the ruins of the ancient fortress stood in their place, and no one was interested in them. In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the nascent romanticism and renewed interest in national monuments and traces of the past fully returned interest in the castle of Pierrefonds. Artists, painters, and engravers have found inspiration in full accord with their thirst for national archaeology.

Chillon castle

There are many castles in Switzerland, but this one is better known than others and is one of the prettiest castles. He was made famous by the poet Lord Byron in his work “the prisoner of Chillon”, describing one of the prisoners of the fortress prison-the Swiss patriot and historian Bonivard, imprisoned for his commitment to Church reform.

The fortress on the shore of Lake Geneva was founded in the X century. Pierre II of Savoy significantly expanded and strengthened the castle. Charles III of Savoy was the last Duke of this dynasty to own the castle of Chillon.

The side of the castle of Chillon facing the mountains is strongly fortified with fortress walls with three towers, and the other side faces the lake, the depth of which guaranteed protection from a sudden attack by the enemy. The castle opened a Museum in the early XIX century, and still, it has not lost its popularity. There are many courtyards on the territory. The castle has preserved a palpable atmosphere of indescribable mystery. Not all fortresses have this kind of magic. Lake Geneva, on the Eastern shore of which the castle is located, geographically belongs to both Switzerland and France. The border passes near the castle of Chillon. During the middle ages, it was a strategically important place in solving territorial issues. You need to go to the castle in the morning to have time to explore all the nooks. You can combine a trip with a walk along the beautiful embankment of Montreux.

Did you miss the top 10 castles in the world? Then check out the following options.

The castle De La Pena

The Pena Palace in Portugal is located in the Sintra mountain range near the city of the same name and can be considered one of the most beautiful castles. It was built in the 19th century on the ruins of a chapel. Tourists who have traveled half the world and seen dozens of castles of different styles and eras note the uniqueness of this unique historical monument: it combines several architectural trends, which makes it a unique, almost fabulous creation, unlike any other castle. The walls are wide enough for you to walk on them safely, which is what tourists use today, walking around the perimeter of the building, from a height of 500 meters, viewing the amazing views of Sintra Park. From here, you can also see the cross rising at the highest point.

The architecture of the Palace combines completely different styles, which makes its appearance unique and impressive: there are elements of Gothic, Renaissance, Moorish, Eastern trends, typical for Portugal style. The domes and minarets are decorated in Oriental style, while the towers are decorated in Gothic style. This eclecticism is typical of the period of romanticism. The Pena Palace differs from many ancient castles in its rich interior. Visitors can see the rooms that have preserved their original decoration: furniture, kitchen utensils, and a bathroom with a bath and shower.

The Castle of Azay-Le-Rideau

It is sometimes called the main diamond in the necklace of the Loire prettiest castles. It is so fabulous and beautiful that it is unlikely that anyone who sees this masterpiece once will be able to forget it. We are talking about the most beautiful, you can even say, the heavenly castle of Azay-Le-Rideau in France, built in a bend of the river Endre and surrounded by a magnificent English garden.

There once was ruled by kings and overlords. But it is unlikely that today anyone will think that the first stone in the Foundation of this castle was laid on the orders of a man who received for his far from righteous deeds a nickname that makes blood run cold – the child of the devil. Currently, the French castle of Azay-Le-Rideau is a popular destination among travelers who are interested in the history of this country or simply love France for its special, refined, and romantic atmosphere. The castle of Azay-Le-Rideau is surrounded on all sides by the waters of the river Endre, which reflect its snow-white walls and gray roofs, topped by different towers in size. The majestic and luxurious appearance of the castle is due to the wife of the chief financier of France Gilles Berthelot Philippe LeBay. On her initiative, the castle was decorated with a beautiful Grand staircase, loggia windows, and external towers. Of course, Azay-Le-Rideau was created to admire the world of beauty, where couples in love could enjoy walking under the moon. So, we hope that the list of the most impressive castles around the world was useful to you.

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