Features of castles and palaces of England

Features of castles and palaces of England

First of all, It is worth saying that the biggest castle in the world is Malbork Castle. Which is located in Poland. 

But now, we will talk about the amazing castles and palaces in England. England keeps its own traditions and cultural values. I think no need to mention that the architecture in England was created by the English people. 

In addition, remoteness from the mainland allowed to avoid a direct invasion during the Second World War and some other military conflicts.  The combination of these and other factors is a guarantee of the safety of ancient buildings, to which the hiking trail does not now overgrow. 

Castles of England are scattered almost throughout the country.  They reflect the era and represent different styles.  Almost everyone is associated with historical events, famous personalities, and amazing legends. 

Travelers are invited to see the splendor of stately buildings and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of their past and present life.  

Among the excursions, there are both individual visits to towers and castles, as well as complex tours that allow you to compare the sights among themselves. Each castle has a unique history.

Of course on the Internet, you can see many different photos of castles and palaces in England.  But nothing compares to see it live.  Therefore, it is worth visiting these beautiful places.

Top 23 – Castles and palaces of England

Buckingham Palace

At first, it was the house of the Duke of Buckingham, which was built for him in 1703.  In 1837, at the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign, the palace became the final official palace of the English monarchs.  Today, the palace has 661 rooms.  Palace Gardens are the largest private gardens in all of London.  The palace has a swimming pool, there are a post office and its own cinema.

Buckingham Palace is the workplace of the monarch.  The Queen and her husband live in a palace apartment of 12 rooms, in the north wing.  In August and September, the queen leaves Buckingham Palace, and at this time, the front rooms are open for visitors.

Kensington Palace

The eponymous palace is located in Kensington Gardens.  The palace building was completed in 1605.  Here Queen Victoria was born.  Here she was brought up and lived until 1837 when she ascended the throne.  In the direction of the Queen, in 1899 the palace was opened to the public.  Today it is the residence of members of the royal family.

Warwick Castle (Warwick Castle), County Warwickshire

Warwick Castle is the castle near London

Tower in the city of Warwick, located in the center of England – County Warwickshire. Built-in 1068, it initially served as a fortress and was reconstructed several times over the years of its existence (office premises were built and towers were added).

Powerful defenses made Warwick Castle an impregnable fortress that managed to resist enemy invasions and sieges during the Hundred Years War and the English Revolution.

The times of wars and bloody revolutions are left behind, and since 1978 the picturesque Warwick Castle on the banks of the Avon River has been a place for excursions. Along with Buckingham and Westminster palaces, it is included in the first category of the List of architectural and historical sights of Great Britain. And here there is a beautiful garden, broken in the XVII century.

Arundel Castle (Arundel or Arundel), West Sussex County

Arundel Castle with a 1000-year history and a cozy courtyard rises on a hill near the town of the same name. From here to London no more than two hours by train.

Like Warwick Castle, it was repeatedly completed. Especially after the civil wars in the XVII century, when its architecture was badly damaged during the battles and two sieges. From the former estate of the Dukes of Norfolk, gorgeous views of the nearby hills and fields, as well as the Arun River, open up.

Impressive from the outside and saturated with the spirit of history, Arundel, meanwhile, was one of the progressive buildings of his time: he was one of the first English suburban homes to use electricity, elevators and central heating.


In 1846, a royal family (Queen Victoria and her husband) visited Arundel Castle for several days, for the arrival of which the castle owners had been preparing for two whole years! 

It is especially good to walk here in sunny weather when you can admire the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

The Tower of London (Tower of London), London

The Tower of London is one of the main symbols of foggy Albion. It was laid by the legendary William the Conqueror, the founder of the united English kingdom, back in the 11th century.

The Tower is located at the mouth of the Thames, on its northern shore. The place was not chosen by chance. The stone fortress established here coped with the task as well as possible – protecting London from external enemies. During the reign of Richard, the Lionheart Tower was expanded and strengthened with powerful fortress walls and a deep moat around them. The result was more than impressive: over the following centuries, the Tower was considered one of the most impregnable fortresses in Europe.

For a long-time, the palace was the residence of all the English queens and kings. And to this day, a tradition has survived: before accession to the throne, the future monarch should spend the night in the Tower.

For 1000 years of history, the Tower managed to visit the fortress, the palace, the royal treasury, and the prison. Even the zoo and observatory! The concentration of famous names that history connects with this place can be envied by any historical building in the world, not to mention modern hotels. The kings of Scotland and France, the infamous Anna Boleyn, Guy Fox, who tried to blow up parliament, were all held in the local prison.

One of the main attractions of the Tower is crows. According to legend, on the day when these birds leave the building, the Tower itself will collapse, and after it the whole kingdom.

Hampton Court

Henry VIII received it as a gift from Cardinal Wolsey.  The palace was built in 1520 as the personal residence of Wolsey.  Later it became the most beautiful palace in England.  When the royal family settled in this palace, it decorated and expanded it.  Henry VIII annexed the Chapel and the Great Hall.  In addition, on his orders, the first tennis court in England was built here.

  Windsor castle

Located in Berkshire. Windsor Castle is the oldest castle in England. The establishment date is approximately 1070 years. The largest residential castle in the world. He gave the name of the ruling monarchy of the dynasty. It is their official residence. It is located on a hill, because of the steep slopes of the gardens a little, but there is a large park nearby. The castle is associated with the ceremony of the Order of the Garter, held to this day with the participation of the Queen. Partially open for tourists.

Castle of St. Michael Maun


Located on the island of the same name, which is a mountain. The castle is located at the extremely leading. It is a former abbey, although it looks more like a citadel. You can get to the island by electric motorboat or along a unique path, yet it is only offered at low tide. Below the castle, there is a park, and also around there are lots of various other related structures.

Beaver Castle

Found in Leicestershire. Constructed in neo-Gothic design at the end of the 18th century. It is the home of an aristocratic family that has actually had the castle from its beginning to the here and now day. Beaver Castle is more like a royal residence, for that reason, it attracts attention to those that wish to play weddings here. The owners’ lease residential property not just to the couples, however likewise to the coordinators of other occasions, in addition to filmmakers for major capturing.

 Durham Castle


Located in the county of the same name. Built around the 11th century. It was the residence of the bishops, and also served as a defense against the raids of the Scots. Subsequently transferred to a local university, and its buildings were enlarged to accommodate students. The castle remained accessible to tourist groups, and the proceeds from the excursions go to its maintenance. Attraction nearby – Durham Cathedral – a monument of world heritage.

 Portchester Castlе


Located in Hampshire. It was founded around the 11th century and is an example of a preserved Roman fort, somewhat altered over time. Used as a palace and prison. Halls and courtyard – a place of exhibitions and expositions related to the history of the castle. Included in compulsory school trips. Nearby attraction – St. Mary’s Church.

Peckforton Castle

Located in Cheshire. Built around 1844. The basis during the layout was taken Biston Castle It has actually been the seat of the Tollmach family members for almost a hundred years. During The Second World War, children were positioned below, conserving them from bombing. Given that the late 60s of the last century, numerous historical scenes from films have been shot in the castle. Now the castle becomes an elite resort.

Beeston Castle


Located in Cheshire. Built-in the 20s of the XIII century. Consists of two conditional parts. The courtyard is located on a sandstone cliff and is almost impregnable, thanks to the walls. The outer courtyard is much lower on the slope, it is more open and served as a garrison site during the fighting. According to legend, the treasures of Richard II are hidden here, which could not be found.

Warkworth Castle

Located in Northumberland. It is believed that the century of the structure of XII, but this is not accurate. He survived several sieges, as well as was not taken by the adversary. He was checked out by several emperors. Not completely protected, some parts of the strongholds destroyed, the wall surfaces dilapidated. Despite this, it is open to visitors, consisting of for soul-searching, and also is a state monolith.

Tamworth Castle

Found in Staffordshire. It was founded in the XI century as a wood citadel. It bases on a hill, which is validated by the tactical function of the castle. Now, events are arranged inside, showing various periods: each room is furnished as well as decorated according to the moment he talks about. Nearby there is a park area as well as balconies with flowerbeds and also a stage where a band plays in warm weather conditions.

Kenilworth Castle

Located in Warwickshire. It was founded in 1122. He endured the six-month siege – the longest in the background of England, yet fell because of food shortages. The castle belongs to the city: it was contributed by the previous proprietor. It is renowned not only for its decoration and also maintained building features, however additionally for its park within proportion lines, flowerbeds, and also sculptures.

Chillingham Castle

Found in Northumberland. It was founded in the 12th century. Initially, just the watchtower was located here. Progressively set up a military stronghold, walls, a collection, and so forth. The castle was checked out by the present monarch. Tourist attractions – torment area, dungeon, French yard. There are many legends concerning the ghosts that stay in the castle, consisting of the radiant kid and also the spirit of Lady Mary Berkeley.

Framlingham Castle

Found in Suffolk. It was founded at the turn of the VI-VII centuries. A distinguishing characteristic – in the lining of the external side of the primary wall, flint was made use of. This is common for many structures in the location but except for various other castles. Another irregular information of the time was the absence of a fortress or central tower. It is replaced by a peculiar style. Framlingham is referred to as the home of Mary Tudor.

Bumboro Castle

Situated in Northumberland. For the very first time, the area fell into the annals in 547. Wooden structures were slowly replaced by stone ones. He made it through a long siege during the War of the Roses. At the beginning of the last century, Bamboro was ultimately restored as well as made a gallery. The presentation informs the tale of the local structures as well as considerable occasions of the district, as well as about state occasions to which the castle was included.

                                                             Bodiam Castle

Found in East Sussex. It was founded in 1385. In the castle, numerous noble families lived alternately. It was originally developed as a protective form of an ft from French raids. The land is divided by a large moat. A drawbridge is thrown over it. The building has features characteristic of its time: a square form, round towers in the corners, sandstone as a product for the wall surfaces.

Lindisfarne Castle

Located in Northumberland. Constructed in 1550 on the Holy Island. The castle developed on the website of the abbey because it was essential to enhance the area vulnerable to attacks. The modification of orientation in international as well as domestic national politics additionally impacted Lindisfarne’s visit. The pier as well as the coastline guard post have actually been maintained, or else it slowly developed into an architectural monolith.

Scarborough Castle

Located in Yorkshire. It was founded in 1130. Situated in a sloping area, which affected the building attributes. He besieged and also transformed proprietors a number of times, both after the sale and after the projects of the armed forces. Readily available for go to nearly the entire year, however not recovered or ennobled. Historical excavations are nearby.

Carlisle Castle

Situated in the region of Cumbria. It was built for several decades, beginning with the XI century. As it stands near to the border with Scotland, it was typically subjected to sieges and assaults. Partial devastation is because of the truth that rock from the walls was made use of as raw material for various other buildings. Now it functions as a museum, where there are shows dedicated to the past of the castle, along with the background of the area.

Castle scenic tours in England remains in excellent demand amongst vacationers.

Today for tourists there is a chance to stay in castles by booking.

There are castles you can remain in England:

Bovey Castlе

Hever Castle

Leeds Castle

Augill Castle

Lumley Castle

Langley Castle

Amberley Castle

Peckforton Castle

Warwick Castle

Likewise in England, many royal residences, which were the home of past majesties and archbishops. Getting here in this country, and do not want to get around them in a short time. Yet their unparalleled beauty and creativity, and also the background related to them, are worth any type of initiative and time.



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